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You may feel that you’re doing just fine on your own. However, you’re unknowingly limiting your ability to learn by sticking with what you know and are familiar with. It would be best if you surround yourself with like-minded, success-driven people. Associating with other financial advisors is key to your business’s growth.

Magellan Mastermind is one of the world’s leading mastermind groups. Here, you’ll be discussing strategies and tactics and making connections with expert financial advisors. Together, we’ll improve your weaknesses, enhance your strengths, and implement significant changes in key areas of your business.

Guiding you and other participants through your troubles is coach Joe Lukacs. He’s been coaching thousands of financial advisors like you for over 26 years. You’ll brainstorm ideas together and find ways to help your business achieve financial success.

Why Become a Member?

There is a great strength to be found in a diversity of ideas, personalities, and viewpoints. By joining the Magellan Mastermind coaching group, you’ll meet financial advisors with various approaches and techniques to financial management.

In our group, participants encourage each other to improve themselves, create sophisticated action plans, and grow their businesses. You’ll meet people that will challenge and refine your ideas. These financial advisors are passionate about their business and will be some of your most supportive colleagues.

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The core concept of our mastermind group is that when two or more minds come together,

they create something like a third mind. With this third mind, you create new ideas, see more possibilities, and gain the advice you need to bring your projects to new heights.

As a member, you’ll get honest and respectful feedback, advice on setting up accountability structures, and other must-know financing techniques from your peers. You’ll be in a community guided by a financial advisor coach with decades of experience in the industry.

Elevate your business. Join the Magellan Mastermind Coaching Group.

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How Magellan MasterMind

Makes a Difference

  • The Ideal Learning Environment
    As a participant in our financial advisor coaching program, you’ll be surrounded by peers that are also looking to bring their businesses to the next level. You’re not just here to critique or make counterarguments. You’re here to elevate each others’ viewpoints and succeed.
  • Make High-Value Connections
    When you associate with other financial advisors, you also connect with professionals in different fields. Your peers will lead you to the right social media expert, lawyer, or marketer and help you make the most of your time and money.
  • Learn From Others’ Experiences
    As a financial advisor, you’re constantly making business decisions. You might be considering new methods for customer acquisition or new technologies to streamline workflow. Get various opinions from peers within the group who have already tried what you’re thinking of doing.
  • Focus on the Bigger Picture
    It’s common to lose sight of your business’s values when you get caught up in the small details. Whether in-person or online, financial advisor coaching will help you reorient yourself. Your colleagues in the group will expand your vision for your business’s future.

Over 500 Years of Collective Experience

Magellan Mastermind isn’t here to just teach you how to make more money. Our financial advisor coaching service aims to help you make significant, lasting improvements to your business and personal life.

Within our group, you’ll meet hundreds of professionals. Collectively, they have over 500 years of combined experience, giving you access to critical insights and wisdom that you can only get by interacting with them.

Receive executive coaching for financial advisors at Magellan Mastermind. Become a better businessman as well as a better person.


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