How to Be a Good Financial Advisor: Characteristics You Should Hone

Jun 22, 2022

One of the smartest ways to establish financial security is to have a personal financial advisor. Yet, in 2021, 54% of Americans have stated that they do not work with a financial advisor. You can convince them to change their mind by demonstrating what you can do for them and their assets.

Aniview wants you to learn how to be a good financial advisor, not just for your career growth but also for the financial stability of your clients. So as a trusted financial advisor business coach, we’ve outlined the characteristics of successful financial advisors.

Keep reading to see what they are!

Familiarize Yourself with What You Do and Be Interested in It

The first prerequisite for successful financial planning is to actually know your way around finance. 

It sounds quite elementary, but it’s essential. A good financial advisor needs to have the proper education and enough practical experience to know the ways of the finance world. Otherwise, they won’t be able to recognize patterns and make intelligent decisions on their clients’ behalf.

More importantly, the best financial advisors are those who are actively engaged with their work, follow all related news, and are eager to learn more about financial planning.

Focus on Continuous Learning and Improvement

By being a financial advisor who’s thirsty for knowledge and improvement, you’ll guarantee your clients get a reliable and well-informed partner to guide them through financial decision-making and related situations. Constant learning and improvement are among the primary skills needed to be a successful financial advisor.  

Successful Financial Planning Prioritizes the Client

The best financial advisor always knows where to draw the line between personal improvement and genuine care for the client. In fact, the best sign of a true professional is that they always prioritize the client's interests, even if it may seem counter-productive to their personal interests.

Achieve true financial advisor success by always considering situations thoroughly and advising your clients in the most beneficial way to their financial situation rather than your own.

Balance Safety and Risk to Establish Financial Advisor Success

In practice, this is often manifested as striking the perfect balance between taking calculated financial risks and deciding to play it safe. Neither strategy is better than the other. If you want to earn something more and achieve something extra in life, you need to take active advances.

In many scenarios, the smartest and most financially viable thing to do is to lay low and not get involved. But a wise financial advisor will always consider all options and elaborate on them so clients can understand their situation and the possible outcomes of their decision. 

You Have To See What Your Clients Don’t

Being observant is one of the skills needed to be a good financial advisor. There will always be situations where your clients lack a bird's-eye perspective, and that’s when they’ll need you for external advice. 

A good financial advisor can see wide-reaching circumstances that may escape people’s notice due to inexperience or simple bias. If you want to thrive in this career, you must adopt an objective view of things, and don’t hesitate to point out when they’re wrong. You also have to acknowledge when you’re wrong, too.

Be Devoted and Driven — But Also Patient

Financial advisors need to be competitive and ambitious, not only in their personal endeavors and career growth but also in their client's business ventures and personal finances. You must be focused and driven.

But at the same time, a good financial advisor is patient and makes calculated moves. In many situations, the best thing to do is wait it out, study all options, and strike at the right moment.

Business-Savviness is the Top Quality of Financial Advisors

Finally, an ingrained sense of doing business is the cherry on top if you want to thrive as a financial advisor. Many of your clients are business owners, so you have to consider things from their perspective. You want to understand how they operate and what decisions they need to make to improve their business and secure their finances. In short, you must be business-savvy if you want to outperform other advisors.

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